How to construct a cell smartphone jammer network inner a prison? Do these things

How to construct a cell smartphone jammer network inner a prison? Do these things

As all of us understand, cell phone jammer are widely used in prisons, however do you understand the way to set up mobile telephone signal blockading structures in prisons? Let’s take a glance:

1. On-website survey

Survey: the structural format of the interior of the jail (along with the length, width, floor peak of the constructing, the location of the walkway, and so forth.), the distribution of the building surroundings outside the prison, and the vicinity and distance of the base station;

Measurement: the vicinity, signal energy and frequency distribution of every operator's base station;

2. Simulation demonstration and optimization of layout scheme

I perform creation in line with the design plan, after which optimize it in keeping with distinctive situations to gain the first-rate shielding impact;

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II The gadget have to be gradually established and optimized and commissioned by way of walls, to verify the protecting effect and the detection of external interference, and similarly optimize if important;

three. Comprehensive self-take a look at to affirm shielding effect, external interference, and radiation detection;

I adopt spectrum analyzer, take a look at and analyze signs;

II Use cellular phones of different standards and brands to affirm the protecting effect;

III Use a radiation detector to verify the radiation value;

4. Conduct person training in an all-spherical way, keep initial user tests, post system completion materials, and begin trial operation

I Provide training to users in necessary technology, concepts, operation and maintenance, effect verification, and so on.;

II, together with the user, conduct the detection of shielding effect inside the jail and the detection of non-interference out of doors the prison;

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