Analysis of what factors have an effect on the defensive impact and variety of Chengdu mobile telephone signal jammers

Analysis of what factors have an effect on the defensive impact and variety of Chengdu mobile telephone signal jammers

When we buy a mobile smartphone sign jammer, we tend to be aware of the shielding efficiency of the gadget, however do you already know which factors are particularly affected by the defensive impact and protective range of the signal jammer? Let's learn together:

1) Output electricity

①The output power of the protect

②The performance of the antenna radiation (the benefit, directivity, etc. Of the antenna)


2) How Shielding Works

Nowadays, mobile phones are all digital signals, and digital indicators have strong anti-interference ability. Generally, analog signal technology is used to intervene with digital alerts. Therefore, virtual indicators have to be used to intervene with virtual alerts. The interference impact is very exceptional. The defensive device the use of digital interference sign generation has decrease electricity and better efficiency than the protective device the use of analog sign interference technology.

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3) Indoor and outdoor aren't the identical

The analysis of synthesis, attenuation and reflection of indoor cellular telephone signals and interference indicators may be very complicated.

Four) Before protecting, the power and exceptional of cell cellphone alerts in the nearby space have a high-quality effect on protective. Different cell phones have distinctive outcomes. Generally, mobile phones with robust capacity to get hold of weak signals won't have exact anti-interference results.

Five) The route of the bottom station and the path of the shielded place of ​​the cellular telephone additionally affect the protecting effect.

6) The characteristics of protective distance and radio signal transmission distance. Now, the protecting distance is briefly mentioned by way of the attenuation of radio signal transmission in unfastened area. According to the transmission principle method, every time the radio wave transmission distance doubles, the sign strength is attenuated through 6db (the sign strength is reduced by using 4 instances) ). Then we take a mobile cellphone jammer GSM 900MHZ as an example. If the mobile cellphone signal electricity in a sure place to be shielded is -50dbm, and the powerful shielding distance of the jammer is 10 meters, the exchange of the mobile smartphone sign energy will without delay affect the protecting distance.

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