How to choose and buy mobile phone jammer equipment

How to choose and buy mobile phone jammer equipment

1. Methods to quickly and effectively identify shielding signal equipment

Reliable purchasing solution

1. The signal jammer range is fully covered, the test results are flawless, and the money and effort are ineffective;

2. Select equipment that seriously affects the shielding result and cannot be used normally;

3. There is a difference between ideal and reality in terms of over-interference bias detection and pseudo base station technology. At present, there are no truly successful examples in China!

Equipment not suitable for use

cell phone blocker

1. Small size, the server and switching power supply are separated, and one PCB circuit board is used for commercial purposes;

2. A separate safety box must be installed, which is small in size and light in weight;

3. Of course, the heat dissipation area is small or a fan is used to assist in heat dissipation;

4. There are several places in the equipment where air flows inside and outside, and the internal structure is prone to corrosion;

2. Shop around to select products, and conduct extensive research to learn more about:

1. Conduct investigations on product quality, methods and well-known brands;

2. Through website search, basic understanding and communication with professional and technical personnel to obtain technical interpretation;

3. Cell demonstration to see the actual effect:

Select a few on the basis of merit, and go to the site for on-site inspection and evaluation to demonstrate the actual results;

4. Examine the actual effects of examples:

1. After passing the demonstrated product, you can examine the application, operation status and actual effect of the product in other similar projects;

2. During the inspection, it is best to bring the smartphone to the shielding area after approval to verify the shielding effect.

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