How to choose a 5G signal jammer?

How to choose a 5G signal jammer?

5G signal jammers have many different names such as signal shielding, mobile phone shielding, signal interference, data signal influencer, data signal shielding, mobile communication technology signal interference, data signal shielding, mobile phone signal shielding, signal shielding, wireless communication signal shielding.

For the upper and lower security channels of the mobile phone system, select memory overclocking, frequency division, frequency hopping filtering and other technologies to analyze the necessary shielding frequency; customize the spherical shielding indoor space according to the signal shielding output power, and automatically generate shielding electromagnetic fields within a specific range, so that Mobile phones (including PHS - PHS, GSM - China Unicom, China Mobile Communications, CDMA - China Telecom) are not valid in this indoor space. When the signal shielding is in operation, it can invalidate the data signals sent and received by mobile phones within a specific range, making it impossible to dial and dial, thus achieving the purpose of forcibly prohibiting use.

The basic principle of 5G jammer: within a certain frequency range, mobile phones and communication base stations are connected to each other according to electromagnetic waves, and transmit data information and sound with a certain serial baud rate and configuration method.

5g signal jammer

The basic principle of mobile phone signal shielding communication is that the signal shield passes through the low-end frequency of the wireless channel at a certain speed during the entire working process. This scanning speed can produce error codes when the mobile phone receives data signals in message format. The mobile phone cannot detect all normal data information transmitted from the communication base station, making it impossible for the mobile phone to establish a connection with the communication base station. Mobile phones are mainly characterized by network searches, poor signal, and no service system.

The shielding range of the signal blocker for 5G is based on the output power of the signal jammer. If the shielding range of the signal in the local environment is different during on-site inspection, for example, the weak shielding range of the indoor signal is large, and the outdoor application accessories include a GSM base station, then the GSM signal is close to the principle of outdoor shielding range!

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