How to build a high-quality "mobile phone signal shielding system" in the prison area

How to build a high-quality "mobile phone signal shielding system" in the prison area

The mobile phone signal shielding system is a relatively professional modern communication signal shielding technology, especially in the special environment of the prison, which puts forward higher requirements for the mobile phone signal shielding technology. For example, in the application environment of communication signal blocker in general conferences, participants come and go in a hurry, and there is almost no time to "search" for blind spots of communication signal shielding. In the special environment of the prison, the number of people is dense and the activities are more concentrated. As long as criminals have a mobile phone, it is easy to "long search" to find blind spots. Even if criminals do not deliberately search for blind spots, the pervasive text messages will expose the missing blind spots.

(1) How to evaluate the effect of the mobile phone signal shielding system of the monitoring institute?

In order to achieve no shielding blind spots in the prison, the test should be repeated, and professional equipment detectors should be used in places with strong signals such as "windows" or "every corners". , radiation, and interference to other systems; achieve no blind spots; meet the testing regulations of relevant departments.

(2) The problem of shielding effect and external interference?

A high-quality mobile phone signal shielding system project must be completely shielded without affecting the communication of residents, not letting the people complain, and not letting China Mobile and China Unicom find trouble. Only when the shielded area is more accurate and there is no interference outside the shielded area can it be regarded as a complete acceptance project.

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(3) What is the problem of upgrading and expansion?

Wireless communication technology is developing rapidly. Currently, 5G is in the trial operation stage. Yesterday, the system could be completely shielded. Today, there may be problems. Therefore, the construction of the shielding system should be modularized, and it can be easily upgraded according to the changes of the surrounding communication facilities, so as to substantially save the project investment and achieve permanent shielding.

(4), after-sales service of the system and engineering cases

The mobile phone signal shielding system engineering is a highly professional project, and an imperfect after-sales service system will inevitably bring obstacles to the benign and lasting operation of the system. Excellent mobile phone signal shielding system suppliers and manufacturers have the awareness and team to provide high-quality after-sales service, and will do a series of after-sales services such as regular return visits and system upgrades to effectively solve customer problems.

For specialized projects such as "prisons and detention centers", engineering cases represent the technical strength of suppliers and manufacturers. Whether the project is done well or not, the past cases are the most convincing.

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