How many 5g signal jammers should be installed in school classrooms?

How many 5g signal jammers should be installed in school classrooms?

How many test question signal screens should be assembled in a classroom? Every year when the college entrance examination comes, before this critical day, the staff in charge of the college entrance examination room are actively making full preparations for the various supplies needed for the examination room. Here are also set A piece of equipment called a wireless 5G signal jammer. This type of equipment can ensure discipline in the examination room and maintain a better environment, so that all communication signals in the examination room can be effectively protected.

Electronic signals are an increasingly important tool for information transmission nowadays. If you want to block the signals, you need to assemble a wireless 5g signal jammer. But when it comes to assembling wireless 5G network signal jammers, many schools are thinking about how many devices should be equipped in a classroom?

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To solve this problem, we must first consider the actual effect of the wireless network signal jammer, because whether there is a communication base station within 500 meters or not, and whether it is applied across a wall, all must be considered.

Generally speaking, assuming there is no communication base station within 500 meters and it is used in a wider area, about one machine is needed in the classroom. This should be determined based on the actual usage. Such situations cannot be guessed and can only be used in specific situations. , to understand, so if you are worried about these aspects of the test site, you can buy some higher-power wireless network signal jammers, which can also solve the problem.

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