How does the wi-fi signal jammer in the exam room acquire signal shielding?

How does the wi-fi signal jammer in the exam room acquire signal shielding?

Do you know a way to gain signal shielding whilst the wifi jammer inside the exam room? Do you clearly recognise its defensive precept? Let's research collectively:

1. During the operating manner, scan from the low-end frequency of the forward channel to the excessive-give up frequency at a certain velocity. The scanning speed can motive garbled interference in the sign received via the cell telephone, and the cellular smartphone can not stumble on the ordinary records sent from the bottom station, so that the cell smartphone cannot set up a connection with the base station to gain the motive of protective the cell phone sign.

Desktop 2.4G 5.1G 5.8G UAV Jammer

2. Interfere with the frequencies emitted by using the mobile phone receiving base stations and wireless routers thru the frequencies emitted through itself, so that you can acquire the reason of shielding them.

3. Within a positive frequency range, the mobile smartphone and the bottom station are linked by using radio waves to complete the transmission of information and sound with a sure baud price and modulation method. During the running procedure, it scans from the low-give up frequency of the ahead channel to the high-give up frequency at a positive pace.

Four. The practical traits of electromagnetic waves are determined with the aid of its frequency. The mobile telephone have to emit electromagnetic waves that meet the requirements to hook up with the bottom station of the communication operator. The cell telephone jammer transmits the same radio frequency because the cell telephone. Due to the equal frequency, the mobile phone can not distinguish which sign is the base station signal on the proper tune, and completes "interference". In a loop, the interference bands corresponding to the 3 alerts are performed repeatedly, protecting the three bands at one time, and the space of this cycle is small, ensuing in basically no possibility for the cell cellphone to talk.

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