How does the UAV jammer countermeasure equipment counteract "black flying"?

How does the UAV jammer countermeasure equipment counteract "black flying"?

The drone jammer countermeasure equipment can be applied to various environments. Through different signal jamming devices, it can interfere with GPS, remote control and image transmission respectively, so as to grasp the initiative, restrain the surrounding drones and reduce the The danger brought by black flying can play a protective role in detention centers, airports, gas stations, companies and other places. At present, the common anti-drone technology of UAV jammer countermeasure equipment includes jamming, destroying, monitoring and other methods.

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Electromagnetic signal interference mainly interferes with the UAV's signal and sound wave frequency band; physical destruction directly hits the black flying target. ; Monitoring control, mainly completed by means of control and interception. Some special aircraft can be used for terrain matching, image recognition, high-precision inertial guidance and so on. Things that the other party cannot photograph from high altitude, including camouflage, interference with the other party's radar, etc. The UAV countermeasure equipment uses high-power signals as energy sources to launch equipment to the target to violently interfere with the flight of the UAV, but it can only be used in special circumstances.

Black flying brings huge security risks, so professional equipment is used to deal with black flying. Nowadays, most of the UAV jammer countermeasure equipment adopts the technical method of transmitting radio frequency signals to interfere with the UAV, so as to prevent the communication between the UAV and the ground remote control device, which has become a common method for manufacturers.

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