High power jammer mobile phone signal blocker

High power jammer mobile phone signal blocker

Eavesdropper UHF / VHF Jammer If the other items cannot stack the antenna on it so as not to affect the radio jammer shield effect and damage the machine. When you are not using the screen so as not to affect the normal use of your mobile phone, you should immediately turn off the power of the small jammer. When using outdoor jamming, you need to pay attention to water.

If the site is larger than the effective area of ​​the mask used, it is suggested to use multiple cell shields installed to ensure the shielding effect. Power, antenna and host specific support, so try not to use interchangeably in precommissioning one-time and debugging to ensure the desired effect. Mobile Phone Jammers Strive to protect internal components of accelerated aging equipment away from corrosive gases and liquids, dust and moisture. When placed outdoors or in the field, it should be noted for its infested environment, additional protective devices for rats, ants and other destructive animals.

12 Antennas 2G 3G 4G Signal Jammer For WiFi GPS LOJACK 30Watt

The maintenance shield is a maintenance-free device and no maintenance. Use of chemical solvents and water are prohibited to avoid wiping surfaces and cutting machines. If the shield is useful, it should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place for GPS jammer to avoid long-term exposure to salt fog and harmful gases. This shield year warranty and life maintenance. Ultra-high power jammer mobile phone signal shielding interference that shields the entire building.

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