GPS signal jammer technical classification and principle analysis

GPS signal jammer technical classification and principle analysis

Positioning system technology classification:

In fact, current positioning can be roughly divided into two categories: GPS (Global Positioning System, global positioning system) and LBS (LBS--Location Based Service, mobile location service), the positioning system of Beidou GPS. In terms of technical principles, GPS vehicle positioning performs positioning by receiving the latitude and longitude coordinate signals provided by GPS satellites, while LBS calculates the location of the mobile phone through the difference in base station signals of mobile communications, which is often referred to as positioning through mobile phone cards.

How the GPS signal jammer works:

The GPS jammer mainly releases radio interference waves to disable the GPS locator within the specified electromagnetic band, creating the same electromagnetic environment as the device to block signals. At present, the main thing is to block the GPS satellite signal so that the data cannot be uploaded to the platform, so that the device cannot be used offline normally.

GPS jammer

Theoretically, if the GPS signal is blocked (the current signal blocker can be blocked together with the LBS signal), the car dealer cannot find the vehicle information. Of course, the premise is that the GPS jammer needs to be powered on all the time or the GPS locator is removed, otherwise the car dealer It can still be positioned.

Personal privacy and vehicle location protection:

In real life, in order to effectively protect the privacy and security of personal vehicle driving routes, and in order to protect the privacy and security of vehicles and prevent the location of the vehicle from being discovered by some mortgaged cars, topsignaljammer GPS signal jammer is used. The GPS jammer is equipped with 6 channels of signals. Transmit, independent switch, and can be charged on the car. It can effectively isolate the mobile phone card positioning and GPS satellite positioning signals. The background cannot locate the vehicle's position information, effectively protecting property security and users from maliciously installed positioning equipment. Privacy and security.

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