Can a mobile phone signal jammer block 5G WiFi?

Can a mobile phone signal jammer block 5G WiFi?

First, we need to know what 5G WiFi is. 5G VIFI has high frequency. The lower the frequency, the better it can penetrate walls; the higher the frequency, the faster the speed. 5G WiFi works on the high frequency of 5000MHZ and supports fewer terminals; 2.4G WiFi works on the 2400MHZ frequency and is supported by earlier WiFi frequency terminals. Although mobile phone WiFi chips have supported dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) operation earlier, the protocol used is still the 802.11n standard and does not use the latest 802.11ac standard. It is not a true 5G WiFi. It can be simply It is regarded as WiFi using 802.11n running on the 5GHz band, and the performance is somewhat compromised.

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5G Wi-Fi like 802.11ac uses a chip that works at a frequency of 5GHz and can cover both 5GHz and 2.4GHz frequency bands. In addition to being faster, it can also improve the problem of small wireless signal coverage. Although 5GHz has stronger attenuation than 2.4GHz and is difficult to pass through obstacles, due to the larger coverage, considering that the signal will be refracted, the new standard will Easier to get signal in every corner.

In addition, there are many people using 2.4G, and coupled with CMCC’s WIFI signal, the interference is serious! 5G is currently relatively sparse and basically interference-free.

If you want to block 5G WiFi, you need a cell phone jammer with more than 9 antennas, and ensure an independent 5G module to achieve the effect. Ordinary 8-antenna or 6-antenna ones cannot achieve the shielding effect, because the current mobile phone signal jammer The transmitters are all integrated and have three screens. The more functions, the more modules are needed. One antenna represents one module.

Finally, you need to pay attention to the fact that signal jammers for cell phone come in different sizes and powers. Buy the appropriate mobile phone signal jammer according to your needs.

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