GPS jammer applicable location

GPS jammer applicable location

Vehicle GPS positioning or navigation installed, party or state key state security locations, need to prevent personal tracking. WIFI 5.8G Shield 2.4G wifi Interfering Wireless Network Shield Phone 2G 3G 4G Shield GPS Interferer This is the location.

Jammer Product Overview Features Power Adjustable Shield 5.8G WiFi Interference 4G Signal Blocker 2G 3G is a company using well-developed high-tech, foreign advanced technology, imported components shield for doctor's office prison meeting room domestic It is a shield product depending on the actual situation of mobile communication.

Our independent R & D, production and sale product jammers can effectively shield radios and mobile phones between microwave signals. This product is product quality first-class, stable performance, original equipment imported to protect long-term durability, professional machine chip welding technology, assembly line production, efficient and strict control level. !!

Desktop 8 Antenna Adjustable  WiFi GPS Cell Phone Jammer

Other voyeur detectors This product has transmission frequencies CDMA: 870 to 880 MHz, GSM: 930 to 960 MHz, DCS / TD: 1805 to 1920 MHz, 3GTDCDMA / WCDMA / CDMA2000: 2010 to 2145 MHz, WiFi2.4G 2400 to 2500 MHz, 4GLTEL: 2300 to 2390MHZ, 4GLTEH: 2555 to 2655MHZ, wifi jammer WIFI5.8G: 5725-5850MHz wideband transmitter (excluding GSM, DCS, PCS, 4G uplink operating frequency), transmitting station (base station) and mobile phone device 2.4G wireless signal that can be used and shielded to block wireless signals to and from.

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