Features of cell phone signal jammer

Features of cell phone signal jammer

Nowadays, mobile phones are used in many occasions, and mobile phones have long become an electronic device that everyone cannot do without. However, in some occasions, mobile phones cannot be used, such as examination rooms, conference rooms, government agencies, etc. Therefore, a mobile phone signal blocker will be installed to block the signal. The following are the nine functional features of the cell phone jammer.

1. The shielding effect is obvious, which can effectively shield all wireless communication signals such as 2G/3G/4G/5G/mobile phones 2. 4WIF.

2. It is easy to install, plug and use, and does not require application software to set up.

3. The antenna and power supply are set inside, no need to be installed and removed, and the signal shielding can be realized flexibly and quickly.

10 Antenna Cell Phone Signal Jammer

4. Equipped with bearing silent cooling fan, integrated cooling dual-channel, the fan has a long operating life, which can ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment.

5. Reliable quality, high integration, high-performance integrated circuits and SMD components are used inside.

6. Green and environmental protection, the electromagnetic field strength is far lower than the standard, and will not cause any adverse effects on the human body.

7. Industrial control level power supply, dual power supply, can work continuously for a long time.

8. The design of the slow start circuit can effectively prevent the phenomenon of sparking when the machine is turned on.

9. Beautiful appearance, professional aesthetic design, friendly human-computer interaction.

It is precisely because of these functional characteristics of the mobile phone signal blocker that it can only block the signal without damaging the mobile phone.

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