Do prison jammers upgraded to 5G jammers need power regulation?

Do prison jammers upgraded to 5G jammers need power regulation?

At present, many prisons have installed prison shields. With the popularization of 5G, each prison has now begun a new round of upgrading steps for prison shields. In the process of consulting the upgrade of the 5G isolator, some customers asked whether the new version of the 5G isolator should have a power adjustment function in the product selection?

Prison signal jammer can be roughly divided into two categories: one is a low-power 5G jammer, and the second is a high-power jail jammer.

Judging from the recommended progress of base stations and the distribution of base stations by various operators in China, the base stations around the prison are generally not too far away, which leads to the relatively strong signal strength of the base stations received in the prison. Moreover, in the process of installation, use and effect testing of the prison shield, it is necessary to consider the signal shielding effect of various mobile phone systems and mobile phone frequency bands at the same time. In the past ten years, the information fed back from the application cases of prison shields is usually low-power 5G shields, which often shield the signal coverage is not ideal. The feedback from customers is that they hope that the higher the power of the low-power model, the better. it is good. For high-power prison shields, because of the over-range impact on the prison surrounding, it is necessary to consider the direction of shielding signal coverage and the adjustment of power.

Portable High Power Box-Type Drone Jammer Interception System

Therefore, on the whole, in the process of upgrading the current prison jammer to 5G jammer, whether or not to have power adjustment in product selection can be referred to in two cases: First, when choosing a low-power model, basically You can directly give up the consideration of the power regulation type, because after this low-power 5G shield is installed, it can be output directly at the maximum output power. For this model, our recommended model is the SMa-818B5 5G shield. If the customer expects to still have the power adjustment function, and at the same time, it is necessary to take into account the external adjustment switch that cannot be maliciously adjusted by the 5G shield, so we recommend the use of the SMa-818B5-PLUS network version of the 5G shield, which can pass The main control software remotely adjusts the output power of any frequency band in each 5G jammer.

Another situation is that when choosing a high-power model, it is necessary to consider and require that each frequency band module has a power adjustment function, which can prevent the transition of shielded signals from affecting irrelevant areas around the prison.

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