Can frequency jammers with batteries be shipped by air?

Can frequency jammers with batteries be shipped by air?

In recent years, we all know that the aircraft has very strict requirements for transportation safety. In daily travel, we often encounter the situation that the carried items are confiscated due to the battery, and sometimes the items are detained. , the reason is that it contains a large-capacity battery, why does this happen? Can frequency jammers with batteries be shipped by air?

Some people may wonder why they all have built-in batteries, and some items can be shipped by air, while some items or equipment are prohibited from being shipped by air? That's because batteries are different, and the classification and identification of batteries is also complicated. Some batteries or devices with built-in batteries may be dangerous goods involving air transportation in item 4.3, category 8 and category 9, and some are conventional ordinary batteries with battery capacity. If it is lower, then it is allowed to be shipped by air, so can things with batteries be shipped by air? It cannot be generalized, but should be analyzed according to specific products.

So how can you be sure that a device with a battery can be shipped by air? The answer is one: the air transport equipment must have an appraisal report. The full name of the air transport appraisal is the "Air Transport Conditions Appraisal Report", which is issued by a professional appraisal agency. For example, frequency jammers with batteries are generally customized products in small batches. Unless the customer requests in advance and prepares to issue a report, they cannot be shipped by air.

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Can frequency jammers with batteries be shipped by air? The key lies in the nature of the built-in battery of the frequency jammer. Take the SMa-818T5B portable signal jammer as an example. It is a large-capacity lithium battery with built-in 24V34Ah. Air transport may cause spontaneous combustion, which can be small enough to cause damage to the aircraft and cargo, and large enough to affect aviation safety and even cause aircraft accidents, so strict restrictions are required.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, our frequency jammer with a large-capacity lithium battery must not be transported by air. If it must be shipped by air, the lithium battery in the frequency jammer must be removed and transported separately in advance, and the frequency interference of the battery must be removed. The instrument can be directly transported by general cargo air, while the battery needs to be transported by a dedicated cargo flight.

To sum up, when handling frequency jammers with batteries, you must act in accordance with the rules and regulations. This is responsible for yourself and others, so as not to cause disasters.

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