Disguise device jammer

Disguise device jammer

This year is already New Year. In other words, it's family vacation time. Not only is this winter vacation a great opportunity to relax and spend time with loved ones, but it's also a good time for thieves to make money. Many people leave their homes and take vacations in the winter, leaving their homes and apartments completely vulnerable to various thieves and criminals. As a result, many homes are robbed every winter. I think it's hard to get home from a perfect vacation and lose your home. That's why this article provides some recommendations and tips on how to keep your home or property safe when you're out of town.

The first and simplest advice to follow is: Try to hide the fact that you are going on vacation. You need to know that Male Factor also uses the latest gadgets and social networks to ensure that you monitor the activities of potential victims. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are places where victims are sure to tell all their friends that they are leaving the city. The happiest thieves even find information about when their target will return home. The best posts and tweets look like this: Celebrate January 17th BRB! "Or something like that. People haven't really paid attention to the internet or various social networks yet. If you check in to Hawaii, Foursquare may be the best choice for thieves because it's 100% away from LA or NY. These web resources provide a lot of guidance on how thieves plan attacks.

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You should also pay close attention to wireless locks and various wireless smart home systems. Most wireless locks have security holes that can be used by malicious people. It would be cool if you could install an alarm system in your home that would definitely give you the opportunity to stay high. If you live on the ground floor or in a cottage, you need to keep all the precious and expensive things away from the windows so that you can't see them from the outside. It's even better to remove all luxury and other expensive items invisible.

You should also consider building a video surveillance system at home. It's not very expensive, but it's a pretty effective tool. Avoid wireless webcams. Wireless webcams are vulnerable and neighbors can install versatile wifi jammer that will definitely block your efforts. These wireless devices are easy to install, but certainly less reliable. The Wi-Fi protocol is also very vulnerable to various hacks.

It should also be mentioned that there are various devices that can help protect your home. For example, you can mention FakeTV. A small coffee cup-sized gadget. Equipped with 12 bright LED lamps, it is used to mimic the work of a 27-inch TV. Simply place it near the window and set a timer to know when the device will turn on and off. Anyone looking at your home from the outside will surely find that the TV is working there, and the timing will make the bad guys think you are at home.

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