Different types of cloaking devices are on sale

Different types of cloaking devices are on sale

Mobile phone signal jammers on the market can now limit self-propelled launch pads 500 meters away. The cutoff radius is adjustable. The jammer does not affect other electronic devices, it only blocks the signal of the mobile phone. Save energy. Disables the ability to send and receive mobile phone signals within a certain range when the jammer device is in operation. You can achieve the purpose of prohibiting telephone calls. It has many effects.

Mobile phone communication has brought great convenience to people's lives. On special occasions such as in the test room, it is necessary to avoid violations of etiquette via mobile communication. You need to use radio interference. Analyze how to effectively block mobile phone signals. The power should be turned off when the signal jammer is not in use. Do not affect the normal use of your mobile phone. It is recommended to use a multifunctional mobile phone jammer to ensure the blocking effect in a large area.

4 Antenna Portable CDMA GSM 3G Mobile Phone Jammer

Cloaking devices are now very popular and many different types of cloaking devices are on the market. Have you ever heard of a device such as a jammer? The signal effective cutoff range is the circular area in the center of the screen. Jammers avoid strong electromagnetic sources to ensure a long-term blocking effect. Disassemble the antenna so that it does not affect the disturbing effect of the wifi jammer during operation.

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