Development and application of UAV countermeasure equipment in recent years

Development and application of UAV countermeasure equipment in recent years

In recent years, the drone industry has developed rapidly. Many drones are used in various fields such as news, logistics, entertainment, etc. While people enjoy the convenience brought by drones, they also cause many unexpected problems and bring some chaos to the society. In response to a series of problems caused by drones, drone countermeasures have been produced.

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Due to the small size of the drone, it can fly very low, which some current equipment cannot detect. To avoid affecting aircraft, drone jammers are deployed at large airports. At the same time, the UAV countermeasure equipment can suppress the GPS, remote control and image transmission signals of the UAV through interference under different conditions on the site, reducing the situation of "black planes". Anti-drone is widely used in airports, individuals, companies, prisons and other fields to improve confidentiality and security, so that black flying drones make forced landings, so as to achieve the effect of drone countermeasures.

Until now, most UAVs require wireless signals to implement various technologies such as positioning, remote control, and image transmission. Of course, there will also be some special UAVs that can determine their position through terrain adaptation, image recognition and high-precision inertial navigation. Since UAVs must use wireless signal transmission, they can be achieved with UAV countermeasures. The effect of counteracting the UAV makes the UAV out of control and inoperable, so as to achieve the purpose of UAV countermeasures.

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