Can the signal jammers in the test room on the market interfere with the 5G signal?

Can the signal jammers in the test room on the market interfere with the 5G signal?

The wifi signal jammer in the examination room has been developing with the times, and it is more than enough for the current 5G signal. Such shielding equipment generally adds 3.6G antenna and 5.8G antenna, which can fully shield DCS, CDMA, WCDMA, WIFI, FDD, GSM , TD-SCDMA, TD-LTE, 3.6G, 5.8G and other frequency band signals.

In order to prevent students from not listening carefully during the class, carrying mobile phones and ensuring classroom discipline, some schools may choose to install signal blocking equipment. A professional wifi jammer can block the signals of the three operators of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, as well as WIFI signals and Bluetooth signals. In addition, the wifi signal jammer interferes with the frequency sent by the mobile phone receiving base station and the wireless router through the frequency sent by itself, so as to realize the shielding of the whole frequency band.

Wall-Mounted Hidden Antenna NZ10 WIFI Mobile Phone Jammer

Now, 5G has been popularized, and wifi signal jammers have also added 5G jamming modules with the times. Today's shielding equipment can block 5G signals. So why will some shielding devices have the problem that 5G signals cannot be shielded? In fact, this is mainly due to the different signal strengths in the places of use. Different places and different environments, or if there is a base station nearby, the signal strength in the school will be very large, so the shielding effect will be canceled a lot. Some shielding devices are old and are not equipped with 5G modules. Naturally, they do not support interference to 5G signals. At this time, you can contact the manufacturer for an upgrade.


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