Can the mobile phone signal blocker block the signal for the specified mobile phone number?

Can the mobile phone signal blocker block the signal for the specified mobile phone number?

Some individual customers often ask us whether there is such a mobile phone signal blocker, which can only block signals for a specified mobile phone number, and cannot affect other mobile phones around the specified mobile phone. It is even hoped that even if the designated mobile phone user is far away from other cities, the signal should be blocked. So, can our mobile phone signal jammer achieve such a function?

The answer is no, the mobile phone signal jammer cannot achieve accurate signal shielding for the specified mobile phone number. The reason is: from the basic working principle and method of the cell phone jammer, it only transmits shielding signals on multiple mobile phone frequency bands. Signal, this shielded signal does not participate in the communication and signaling analysis between the mobile phone and the base station, and does not have the function of identifying each mobile phone number or mobile phone identification code. In the area covered by the shielded signal, no matter what number of mobile phone, Regardless of the brand, model, etc. of the mobile phone, the blocking signal of the mobile phone signal blocker will act on these mobile phones, which will make these mobile phones unable to answer or make calls normally. Internet access and data services as normal.

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It also needs to be emphasized that the shielding signal emitted by the mobile phone signal jammer has a limited power and a very limited transmission distance. Whether it is a low-power or high-power mobile phone signal jammer, its shielding signal is limited. The effective transmission distance is usually only a few meters to a few hundred meters. Therefore, if you want to pass a mobile phone signal blocker, cross the city interval, transmit the blocked signal to other cities and affect the mobile phone of the specified number, which is even more important. Talking about the sky and night is simply impossible!

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