Can a mobile phone signal jammer block all communication signals?

Can a mobile phone signal jammer block all communication signals?

Nowadays, the emergence of cell phone blockers has solved many hidden dangers of disrupting order in the examination room, allowing candidates to take exams in a fair environment. The principle of this kind of test signal jammer is actually to isolate the electronic signal, so that the communication signal of the mobile phone fails, which can prevent the phenomenon of cheating using the mobile phone. Not only that, it also has a good shielding effect on the WIFI2.4G signal. Generally speaking, It is said that the effective range is within a radius of 0 to 30 meters.

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Generally, a low-power examination signal jammer is enough to cover an entire classroom, meeting the needs of the examination room for shielding signals, and because this equipment generally has a battery life of three Hours, although the heat dissipation is poor, this also makes it very cost-effective, especially suitable for schools to purchase signal shielding for examination rooms.

Many customers have worries about purchasing test signal jammers. At this time, you can contact Saiyue Communications to inquire about the price of signal jammers. It is a manufacturer with many years of high-quality and rich experience in the research and development of jammers. It has A first-class technical team provides technical support for product quality, and is deeply favored and chosen by customers.

Can an exam signal jammer block all communication signals? Speaking of which, many people are unfamiliar with examination signal blockers. In fact, they have been widely used in college entrance examination examination rooms. In last year's college entrance examination, many examination rooms installed this kind of equipment and received a lot of attention. The response has been very good, and it has been proven to have a good effect in eliminating electronic signal cheating. Starting this year, it will be vigorously promoted so that more examination rooms can install jammers.

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