Can a mobile phone signal jammer block 5.8GViFi signals?

Can a mobile phone signal jammer block 5.8GViFi signals?

First, we need to know what 5g WiFi is. The higher the frequency of 5g wifi, the lower the frequency, the better the wall penetration effect; the higher the frequency, the faster the speed. 5g WiFi works at a high frequency of 5000mhz and supports fewer terminals; 2.4G WiFi works at a frequency of 2400mhz, and early WiFi frequency terminals support this frequency.

Although the mobile phone's WiFi chip earlier supported dual-band operation of 2.4GHz and 5GHz, it still uses the 802.11n standard instead of the latest 802.11ac standard, which is not 5g WiFi in the true sense. It can simply be thought of as 802.11n WiFi running in the 5GHz band, with reduced performance.

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For example, 802.11ac 5g Wi-Fi uses a chip that works at 5GHz and can cover the 5GHz and 2.4GHz frequency bands. In addition to being faster, it can also improve the problem of small wireless signal coverage. Although the attenuation of 5GHz is stronger than that of 2.4GHz and it is difficult to pass through obstacles, due to the larger coverage area and considering the refraction of the signal, the new standard will make it easier to receive signals in all corners

In addition, more people are using 2.4G, and coupled with the China Mobile WiFi signal, the interference is even more serious! 5g is currently relatively small and basically has no interference

If you want to block 5g WiFi, you need a cell phone signal jammer device with more than 9 antennas, and ensure an independent 5g module to achieve the effect. For example, ordinary 8-antenna or 6-antenna cannot achieve the shielding effect, because the current 5G mobile phone signal shielding device is integrated and has three screens. The more features you have, the more modules you need. An antenna represents a module

Finally, we need to pay attention to the power of the 5G mobile phone signal jammer and purchase the appropriate topsignaljammer 5G jammer according to our own needs. The above is generally used in examination rooms and conference rooms.

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