Answers about mobile phone signal jammer

Answers about mobile phone signal jammer

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1. When the signal jammer for cell phone is working, why do some mobile phone signal indicators still have signal indications?

Answer: This is just an illusion. In fact, the mobile phone here is no longer able to communicate. When you press the dial-out key at will, you will find that there is no signal indication at all on the signal indicator.

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2. Will the mobile phone signal jammer interfere with the normal operation of other electronic devices?

Answer: No. This is because the electromagnetic signal emitted by the cell phone signal isolator completely falls within the mobile phone operating frequency band specified by the country and will only block mobile phone communications. And this signal is always in a relatively static state and will not affect any electronic equipment.

3. Are mobile phone signal jammers harmful to the human body and mobile phones?

Answer: Users should rest assured that the electromagnetic signal strength emitted by the cell phone signal blocker is very weak. Test data shows that this signal strength is far from causing harm to the human body. At the same time, the mobile phone signal jammer only blocks the forward signal of the mobile phone so that the mobile phone cannot establish contact with the base station. Therefore, it will not cause any damage to the mobile phone itself.

4. Is there any difference in the range of mobile phone signal jammers when used indoors and outdoors?

Answer: Yes. The effective isolation distance of the mobile phone signal jammer refers to the indoor distance. The effective distance of isolation in outdoor open areas can reach several hundred meters. It should be pointed out that whether it is used outdoors or indoors, the effective distance of the shield is related to the environmental conditions at that time. Such as the distance from the base station, the location of the jammer, etc. Therefore, when installing a mobile phone signal jammer, this factor should be fully considered to avoid creating isolation dead corners and affecting the isolation effect.

5. The case of the mobile phone jammer will get hot after working for a period of time. Will working for a long time damage the machine?

A: Thank you for your attention. This is a normal phenomenon. In terms of design, we use the thermal conductivity of the metal casing to assist heat dissipation. This ensures that the machine can work stably for a long time. Therefore, the machine will not be damaged if the casing becomes hot.

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