Am I allowed to use the jammer?

Am I allowed to use the jammer?

Do you want to buy a cell phone jammer? Here you will learn about the purpose of jammers and what to consider before buying.

A cell phone jammer, also known as a mobile phone interceptor or jammer, is a device that interferes with wireless communications (such as mobile phone networks, WLAN, and GPS) by emitting radio waves. The range is 10 to 40 meters. The military and government even have models that can interfere with radio signals for miles.
What can mobile jammers be used for?

Retailers can use jammers to avoid comparing store prices. This allows retailers to increase their sales.

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Interference equipment is also useful in certain areas where silence or interference should be avoided. For example, you can prevent your phone from ringing during movie screenings or chatting with teenagers at school.

Criminals can use jammers to block wireless alarms and other wireless connections and prevent the deployment of emergency calls on wireless networks.

Is cell phone interference allowed?

The use and marketing of such cell phone blocking programs is prohibited in the European Union. Use can be fined up to 1000 euros. If the phone jammer interferes with the emergency call, the fine may be higher. In some European countries jammers have been approved by authorities. For example, such equipment can be used in French cinemas and theaters. However, in Germany, which is strictly regulated, anyone wishing to use radio frequencies must be allocated according to the Telecommunications Act.

It is even forbidden to import and strictly control such equipment. Then confiscated the equipment. In addition, high fines will be imposed.

Employers can restrict the personal rights and freedoms of employees. However, this does not mean that it is possible to completely ban the use of mobile phones during working hours.
No, it is very dangerous to absolutely prohibit the use of personal telephones in general.

The restriction must be justified by the nature of the task performed and proportionate to the aim pursued.
The rules of procedure cannot be based on the nature of the tasks performed, nor include restrictions proportional to the objectives pursued.

However, for safety reasons, you may prohibit the use of cell phones while using the equipment, handling hazardous products or when there is a risk of interference with electronic equipment. However, employees who work alone in the office are not allowed to use cell phones. The call seems unreasonable.

Using mobile GPS jammers can annoy other employees. Therefore, it should be used with caution. For example, you can set rules for use, such as asking employees to put their phones on vibrate or make calls out of the office.

The National Commission for the Freedom of Information authorizes use for personal purposes within the company, provided that the telephone and the Internet are used in a reasonable manner.
We must never forget that our employees perform their employment contracts in good faith. There must be a reason for using the phone. Don't sacrifice performance. In case of abuse, employees will be punished. You must be able to prove the abuse of personal calls during working hours ...

In order to precisely determine the extent of your rights in disciplinary matters, the Tissot version provides a recommended document “Tissot social enterprise”, the full document of which is dedicated to the “Disciplinary procedure”.

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