4G jammers keep you away from scammers

4G jammers keep you away from scammers

Today, many media outlets report that their information was leaked for no reason. The New York Times reporter Edward Wiatt (Edward Wiatt) recently said the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has signed an agreement with the operator. Please notify the customer if there is a risk of additional costs.

The agreement came into force within a year and was proposed by the Federal Communications Commission after a year and a half of investigation. They called the bill shocking. Mr Wyatt said the bill was shocking. "After a customer receives a monthly wireless invoice, he suddenly beats or abuses voice and information services to recover a sudden charge of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. is doing."

Most mobile phone contracts in the United States have a fixed monthly charge to be used for talk time and limited text messages. With the advent of the latest smartphones and tablets (such as the iPad), their plans now include a reliable amount of information.

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After a holiday, or when your child can't limit their use of mobile phones, there seems to be a way to solve the potential problem of excessive mobile phone billing. For complete control of your family's mobile situation, use cell phone jammer to avoid billing, pay only for phone and mobile plan text messaging, and save your hard earned money!

When US customers exceed these strict limits, the invoices generated are usually much higher than the monthly quota, which is calculated at the price per share. Many operators give instructions to customers on how to check usage, but many do not.

Wyatt states that these carriers lack good faith and harm everyone, as they have become an integral part of the customer base due to the high costs that can be incurred by overuse. .. The Federal Communications Commission estimates that tens of millions of phone users experience these excessive usage fees each year.

The Federal Communications Commission seems to be concerned that as a result of the significant increase in information use, "radio waves are completely submerged and wireless operators will eventually be unable to accept them." Download request ".

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