So why use a cell phone jammer?

Cell phone signal jammers are called cell phone jammers, signal blockers, GPS jammer or text blockers. They keep the radio frequency within a certain range, thereby forming a signal flow blocker and blocking all communication. Just like a radio mute bubble, when the user is within the range of a cell phone signal blocker, no calls or text messages will be sent or received.

Is cell phone jammer legal?
Since mobile signal jammers intentionally interfere with "authorized radio communications", the FCC believes that cellular and Wi-Fi signal jammers "pose a serious threat to critical public safety communications and may affect you. Prevent others from taking urgent action 9-1-1 Calling... (and) will also interrupt communications with law enforcement."
In addition to public safety issues, radio frequencies are also protected by the Communications Act of 1934, which prevents interference with authorized personnel prohibiting radio broadcasting,
Why use cell phone jammers?

Proponents of this technology believe that signal jammers are needed when many people seem to be unable to follow the correct and generally accepted rules of mobile phone etiquette. Think of schools, theaters, vehicles, or any other quiet train...almost anywhere you chat, text, stream, etc. All can be considered destructive and even dangerous.

Remember that in addition to blocking voice and text on the phone, mobile signal jammers can also interfere with GPS, WiFi, and possibly the most problematic police radar. Therefore, as mentioned above, the federal government prohibits the sale, advertising, and use of cell phone jammers in the United States. So if you have a new one, if you want to use a bright signal jammer to give you peace of mind, you may only need to wear earplugs.