Is it normal that the jammer's working range does not match the manual?

Perhaps everyone should know that in many countries there are no clear legal regulations on wifi jammer, but for our use we should also be aware of the corresponding precautionary measures, including protecting the device's performance and its use, and avoiding the use of signals, because blockers can other harm, etc. Signal jammers in our jammers The most common equipment for GPS satellite positioning jammers is to ban cellphone use to prevent nuisance calls and prohibit cellphone ringing. The other is to protect the whereabouts of vehicles, avoid tracking, and protect the privacy of the location.

When selling online, the marked radius may be related to the location you are using and sometimes not reach the required range, which can be affected by the surroundings. In countries where personal use of jammers is not permitted, use signal jammers as signal jammers are confidential and easy to carry. It is more convenient for you to use jammers covertly, and it can protect your privacy.

Based on many years of customer feedback and our experience, here is some detailed information on what to consider when using a blocking interceptor.

Please note:

1. Make sure the antenna and other accessories are installed correctly;

2. In order to ensure sufficient performance, the pocket display will turn yellow or red to indicate a drop in performance, and the shielding effect will not be as good as usual;

3. Make sure the mobile base station is more than 200 meters away;

4. The shielding effect depends on the environment. The effect of cellular jammers in the suburbs is better than in the city because the density of urban cellular base stations is higher and the distance from the base station is relatively small, which results in the urban cellular base stations sending signals (the jammer requires shielding) around a Many times stronger than in suburbs;

5. When using jammers, there must be no metal objects or wall obstacles around the antenna, between the bluetooth jammer and the phone, so as not to obstruct the signal transmission;

6. A strong magnetic field and an environment with strong electromagnetic waves affect the use of interference effects;

7. The installation height of the jammer should be as close as possible to the equipment to be protected;

8. Long-term use of jammers generates high heat and affects the jamming radius;

9. The jammer cannot simply block the signal during a call (the signal is very strong during a call);

10. The radio waves emitted from the shield are high-energy substances, and it is normal for the machine to heat up due to the build-up of high-energy substances;

11. There is some delay in updating the cell phone beacon grid. The jammer may be on or the mobile phone may still be displaying the signal, but the phone may not be usable. Please note the actual effect;

12. Detect GPS jammer function Please download the GPS signal detection software to test the shielding effect, or open the car navigation function test;

13. Devices with WIFI interference function also shield other electrical devices with WIFI function, such as B. wireless microphones, speakers, surveillance, etc.

Note for portable jammers:

1. It is forbidden to use while charging. Do not charge while using, do not use while charging;

2. Portable jammers are prohibited from using them for long periods of time, and they are not as good as desktop jammers.

Attention to all disturbers:

Do not open if there is no antenna.