Handheld 24 Wire cell Phone Interceptor Video

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A handheld 24-wire cell phone blocker is a hand-held electronic device used to interfere with or block the transmission of radio communication signals. It is often used in special applications, such as security, military, intelligence or competitive situations, to block or jam radio communications.

The "24-wire" in its name means that the device can jam or block radio signals on 24 different frequencies simultaneously. This makes it widely used in different types of communication systems, including satellite communications, mobile phones, wireless networks and aviation communications.

Handheld 24-wire jammers usually consist of a small metal case with some electronics inside and a battery for power. When in use, the user only needs to press the button on the jammer, and it will emit a jamming signal of a specific frequency, which will collide with the surrounding radio signals, causing the communication signal to be jammed or blocked. It can also set different interference frequencies and powers according to needs.