What problems will parents face when buying a mobile phone signal jammer

What problems will parents face when buying a mobile phone signal jammer

Before reaching adulthood, children often have poor self-control, are fascinated by mobile games, and spend too much time in the virtual world of the mobile phone network, resulting in wasted studies and progressive deterioration of family relationships. Parents of children are also racking their brains, trying every means to organize to prevent such things from happening, so many parents want to buy and use a mobile phone signal jammer to interfere with the mobile phone signal at home, so that the mobile phone cannot be connected to the Internet, thinking In this way, the time when children play games through the Internet on the mobile phone can be controlled. I hereby solemnly warn parents that this approach is not desirable.

1. In today's society, there are many channels for buying mobile phone signal jammers. It is easy to buy various types of cell phone jammer on the market. However, these irresponsible merchants fundamentally show that these merchants It is not trustworthy. Even if you can buy it, the after-sales service in the later period is not much better.

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2. It is suitable for parents to use mobile phone signal jammers at home, because lack of professional knowledge about equipment and mobile phone signal jammers, improper use will lead to not only no signal at home, but also the mobile phone signals of neighbors. Different levels of interference make it impossible for mobile phones to make calls or access the Internet. If there is an emergency or a fire in the family, the mobile phone cannot make calls, which leads to the expansion of the incident. Or neighbors complained to the radio management department and found that neighbors were using mobile phone signal jammers in violation of regulations. According to relevant national laws, this situation is suspected of illegal and needs to be legally responsible.

Therefore, the use of mobile phone signal jammers in the family, everything is for the children, this kind of psychology is understandable, but this approach is not desirable.

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