Is it necessary to install cell phone jammers in theaters?

Is it necessary to install cell phone jammers in theaters?

A: Very necessary.

With the rapid development of the economy, people have already achieved plenty of food and clothing, and their material pursuits have been fully satisfied. Of course, their spiritual pursuits are still relatively lacking, so everyone prefers to go to the theater to enjoy musicals, dramas, stage plays, etc. Come on. Let those of us who pursue audio-visual enjoyment find comfort in the depths of our hearts.

But when we are all immersed in the performance of the troupe actors and bring our thoughts into the plot, if a sudden and untimely ringing of the phone pulls us from the scene created by our mind, suddenly, back to the real world. I believe that all the audience present, including the actors, will feel extremely disappointed and even angry.

In order to avoid this situation, many theaters will consider installing mobile phone signal jammer devices to solve such things from the root cause. Of course, there are many factors to consider when choosing a cell phone jammer device for a theater venue:

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1. What is the shielding effect of the mobile phone signal blocker?

2. Is there any noise from the cell phone signal jammer?

3. When the mobile phone signal jammer is installed, what installation method is used, whether it will destroy the decoration style in the theater, and so on.

Let me answer the above questions. First of all, the shielding effect of the mobile phone signal blocker depends on the strength of the mobile phone signal in the theater and whether it can achieve the expected effect. It is best to test the shielding effect on site, and then Then determine what type of equipment to choose and the number of shields that the theater needs; secondly, the mobile phone signal jammer can be completely noiseless. The noise source of the jammer is the cooling fan of the jammer. The rotation of the fan will cause noise. Some noise is generated, but other means can be used to minimize the noise, or even to the extent that there is no noise at all; finally, by beautifying or hiding the cell phone signal jammer, it can be done without destroying the decoration style of the theater.

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