What are the functions of SWAT jamming vehicles?

What are the functions of SWAT jamming vehicles?

The special police and public security in many cities are basically equipped with a special police jamming vehicle. The most important core component in the special police jamming vehicle is the jamming host, which is composed of multiple radio frequency modules. The special police jamming vehicle is based on different tasks. , you can also selectively turn on some RF modules.

Then according to which different tasks to perform, which RF modules to choose to open, this is a more professional question, and the following will answer this question for you.

When a mass incident occurs, the special police jamming vehicle should be dispatched at this time to control the trend of public opinion and communication control. At this time, the special police jamming vehicle should turn on the mobile phone communication module and the WiFi module. And it is best to park the SWAT signal jammer at a relatively high position, and raise the antenna before powering the RF module.

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When it is necessary to perform the task of anti-terrorist and explosive removal, the special police jamming vehicle is dispatched to block all suspicious signals of the frequency of all suspected remote control bombs. All modules are turned on, and all common wireless modules are seamlessly suppressed to ensure that the bomb disposal task is foolproof.

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