What are the means of UAV jammer countermeasure technology?

What are the means of UAV jammer countermeasure technology?

In recent years, UAV countermeasure technology has developed rapidly, and different countermeasures have been widely used in society. The UAV countermeasure technology is mainly used for the control of UAVs in peacetime. Due to the increase in the UAV market in recent years, the use of a large number of UAVs poses a serious threat to some civilian facilities and military equipment. Especially recently, some "black flying" drones have had a serious impact on the airport. In fact, drone jammer countermeasure technology has rapidly risen in the market to use various means to combat "black flying" UAVs.

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1. Signal RFI

The UAV jammer countermeasure device emits a large number of radio frequency output signals to interfere with the connection of the UAV satellite signal and the wireless signal connection between the operators. Once the radio frequency signal channel is cut off, the drone that loses the signal transmission can only be forced to stay on the road or return.

2. Weapon Physical Interference

Use lasers or net bombs to disrupt drones by destroying them. By formulating a certain amount of ammunition, the drone's rotors are captured and attacked by directionally, causing it to fall to the ground.

Among them, UAV jammer countermeasure equipment, as a kind of omnidirectional signal suppression equipment, plays an important role in field applications. From the point of view of use, the countermeasure effect is obvious in terms of jamming drones. In order to effectively counteract UAVs of different frequencies, the UAV jammer countermeasure equipment can usually transmit suppressive jamming signals in multiple frequency bands, so that the "black flying" UAVs have nowhere to hide.

At present, there are many means and methods for countering drones, and various drone jamming or countermeasure equipment emerge in endlessly. Recently, the scheme of drone detection + drone jamming is also emerging. In the process of discussing numerous solutions for drone defense, some customers asked whether it is feasible to use drone strike equipment to directly destroy drones? That is to say: in the defensive area, once an illegally intruding drone is found, the drone strike equipment will be used to shoot it down or even destroy it immediately. Has such a solution been fully implemented?

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The UAV attack equipment mentioned here does not refer to the UAV signal interference equipment that is often said in the past, but specifically refers to the strike weapons or attack methods that have hardware damage to UAVs, such as the use of bullets, artillery shells, and laser irradiation. etc., which can cause permanent damage and damage to the UAV.

If you want to use UAV strike equipment to carry out precise strikes on incoming UAVs, you must ensure that it can be achieved within the effective defense range. UAVs can be identified as friend or foe, and the UAV’s attack direction and coordinates Accurate determination and path locking, so as to further guide the drone strike equipment to carry out precise attacks on it, achieving the effect of one-shot kill.

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