Can the full-band signal jammer used in the examination room shield the walkie-talkie?

Can the full-band signal jammer used in the examination room shield the walkie-talkie?

Everyone has to go through many exams in their life. For example, the high school entrance examination and the college entrance examination in middle school, the CET 4 and 6 tests in college, various qualification certificate exams, and the annual civil service exam, etc., in the examination room, the examination room As the most common test room auxiliary equipment, the full-band signal jammer is already very common.

The current full-band signal jammers in the examination room have basically achieved modularization. Through the rapid replacement of radio frequency modules in different frequency bands, the advantages of rapid repair or rapid increase of frequency bands can be achieved. Adding different frequency band modules on the basis of the original full-band signal jammer in the examination room is still a headache for many manufacturers of full-band signal jammers in the examination room, because at the beginning of the design, they are designed according to the standard mobile phone frequency band, lack of For different usage scenarios, the added functions of interference modules in different frequency bands are required.

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The full-band signal jammer produced by topsignaljammer Technology Co., Ltd. has been fully considered in the design of the need to add modules in different frequency bands in the later stage to meet the effect of increasing the interference of signals in different frequency bands. Through the superposition of the radiator, the original 12-channel output can be easily expanded to 24-channel output, and the fixed holes required for superimposing the radiator are reserved, so that more full-band signals in the examination room need to be added later. For the frequency band of the jammer, you don't have to worry about the lack of space for the radiator. And it can be extended to 24 interference frequency modules at most to achieve more frequency signal interference, or to achieve the same scene through frequency refinement to expand the ability of shielding effect. Therefore, if you need to increase the shielding of the walkie-talkie, you can keep the original machine function and increase the frequency band of the walkie-talkie to achieve the shielding.

The shielding range marked in the technical indicators of conventional mobile phone jammers usually refers to a transparent environment. For example, in an indoor room, under normal circumstances, a shielding device can cover the entire room, but some customers will also propose some other application scenarios: when the user of the mobile phone jammer starts working in a room, it can The area that really needs mobile phone signal shielding is the room next door or the room further away. Then the question arises: Is it possible to shield mobile phone signals across several rooms in reality?

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To understand and solve the above problem, it needs to be analyzed from two angles: the first angle: the radio frequency signal emitted by the mobile phone jammer, and the ability to pass through the wall during the transmission process of the partition. The so-called wall-penetrating ability of radio frequency signals is actually the attenuation ability of wireless signals for different wall materials. To achieve mobile phone signal shielding, the shielding signal of the mobile phone jammer must be strong enough to minimize its attenuation during transmission. But if it is unavoidable to encounter the obstruction of the wall, a part of the wireless signal will be directly reflected or refracted, and only a small part will directly penetrate the wall. And the size of the penetrating ability depends on the material of the wall. The well-known reinforced concrete walls are much more attenuated by radio frequency signals than conventional brick walls. The attenuation capacity of brick walls is much greater than that of wooden walls or glass walls. If there is a room in the middle, it means that the radio frequency signal needs to penetrate at least two walls. Unfortunately, after passing through two reinforced concrete walls, the shielding signal of the mobile phone jammer can basically be attenuated to a very low level. To a certain extent, it is basically impossible to achieve mobile phone signal shielding.

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