Countering drones with signal jamming technology

Countering drones with signal jamming technology

As a modern high-tech invention machinery, drones are constantly improving with the continuous development of technology. In the military, drones can be used for various tasks such as reconnaissance, surveillance, and intelligence collection, which have a great impact on the war situation. In civilian use, it is easy to perform tasks such as performances, aerial photography, power line patrols, and agricultural plant protection. This shows the power of drones. However, in special environments such as military use and performances, drones are prohibited from entering and shooting. Therefore, in this case, the use of drone jammer technology to resist "black flying" drones has become a necessary means. How does the drone jamming technology work?

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UAV interference is usually subject to two different interference methods: natural interference and man-made interference. Natural disturbance is generally a disturbance pattern that is influenced by the local environment. Human jamming is when humans interfere with flying drones through jammers. The most typical example is some drone jammers in the anti-drone industry, which generally use various methods such as radio hijacking, sonic interference, and signal interference to interfere with drones.

Due to the recent rampant "black flying" drones nearby, the local authorities had to adopt a little necessary drone jammer. From the current point of view, the technical means of signal interference represented by the UAV jammer countermeasure equipment are especially obvious for the "black flight" situation, and play an important role in the anti-UAV road.

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When the wireless signal jammer is installed in the conference room on the second floor, we can only look at this problem from the perspective of minimizing its impact on the upper and lower floors. How to minimize the impact? The method can still be provided for reference: first of all, the installation position of the wireless signal jammer should be as far away from the window side of the outer wall as possible, that is, try to install the shielding device inside the building. Secondly, manufacturers of wireless signal jammers are required to configure directional antennas for the equipment. Finally, confirm that the conference room is made of reinforced concrete walls, and try to avoid walls of gypsum boards or walls of glass partitions.

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