UAV jammer countermeasure equipment escorts the protection area

UAV jammer countermeasure equipment escorts the protection area

The drone jammer countermeasure device is composed of a shielded host, a low-frequency/high-frequency antenna, and a power supply. When the UAV countermeasure device is turned on, it can emit signals that interfere with the UAV’s 1.5GHz/2.4GHz/5.8GHz frequency band. By shielding the UAV’s flight control signals and satellite positioning signals, the UAV cannot After receiving the flight control signal and satellite positioning, there is no way to continue the flight. Depending on the model of the drone, there will be different control effects such as return and landing.

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Usually under the use of UAV jammer countermeasure equipment, when the no-fly fortified area encounters a "black flying" drone, the operator and the no-fly area have this distance. The drone takes off from the controller, and the flight gradually approaches the no-fly zone. During this process, the distance between the drone and the controller will become farther and farther. Instead, drones are much closer to the no-fly zone. To sum up, all signals sent by the operator to the drone will gradually weaken due to the distance problem. On the contrary, under the premise of equal power, the drone jammer countermeasure device is closer to the target, and the signal of the UAV jamming is stronger. At this time, the controller accepts that the signal sent by the UAV is weak, and the UAV jammer countermeasure device sends a high-power jamming signal to the target UAV by using multiple frequencies to suppress the control signal of the UAV. At this point, the signal of the "Black Flying" UAV is easily interfered, and the UAV can only land or return.

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The Pentagon was mysteriously testing a technology that can block GPS over a large area. This function can also be used in Hongqi 18-1's Nellis testing and training section. Eye contact and distance affect GPS users (especially other aircraft operating far outside the training range). The Department of Defense will conduct a variety of combat operations as part of high-end exercises such as GPS wave jammers, proving the seriousness of the threats posed by these new electronic warfare tactics. It's interesting whether the US Air Force will admit that the technology will actually be used for red flags after the exercise is complete, but considering that a large amount of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) results in GPS signal loss. With large-scale military exercises, these negotiations could become more frequent in the years to come.

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