Does the distance of the base station affect the shielding distance of the full-band signal jammer?

Does the distance of the base station affect the shielding distance of the full-band signal jammer?

With the continuous development of science and technology, the realization of the information age. As a symbol of informatization, mobile phones are believed to be more and more inseparable from mobile phones. It has also become one of the indispensable tools in people's daily life and work.

The signal transmission between mobile phones is transmitted through the base station, which is the communication signal transfer station in mobile communication. Mobile phones have brought convenience to my life, but without a base station, it is really impossible.

Everything has two sides. While mobile phones bring us convenience, some specific places cannot use mobile phones. In order to prevent the use of mobile phones in some special places, full-band signal jammers came into being under this requirement. It can block the mobile phone signal, so that the mobile phone cannot connect to the base station normally, showing no service.

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We all know that when a mobile phone is working, it contacts the base station within a certain frequency range to realize voice and data transmission. In response to this communication principle, the full-band signal jammer scans from the low-end frequency of the forward channel to the high-end frequency at a certain speed during operation, forming co-frequency noise interference in the transmission and reception of signals between the mobile phone and the base station, so that the mobile phone cannot be established with the base station. connection, in order to achieve shielding mobile phone signal. Therefore, the shielding distance of the full-band signal blocker is closely related to the distance of the base station.

When the place that needs to be shielded is close to the base station, the strength of mobile phone signal reception is high. It is difficult to shield the full-band signal jammer, so it is necessary to replace the full-band signal jammer with a higher power to shield the signal. And when the shielding place is far away from the base station, the strength of mobile phone signal reception is weak. The transmission power of the full-band signal shield does not need to be too large to shield.

All in all, the effective shielding distance of the full-band signal jammer is closely related to the distribution and distance of the surrounding base stations of the shielding site. The closer the base station is to the shielding site, the shorter the shielding distance of the full-band signal jammer; the farther the base station is, the farther the full-band signal jammer is.

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