Stop "Black Flying" Situations with Drone Jammers

Stop "Black Flying" Situations with Drone Jammers

With the rapid development of the drone industry and the wide application of drones in all walks of life. Regarding the issue of "black flying" drones, the government is also continuously promoting various countermeasures and defense measures to ensure the stability of social order and the safety of airport routes, and will not be affected by "black flying". Threats and confusion. Nowadays, drone countermeasure technology is well known by more people, and its application fields are also very wide, such as: airports, gas stations, nuclear power plants, petrochemical plants, detention centers and other fields are often infested with illegally intruded drones. Through the use of UAV countermeasures, after monitoring the abnormal UAV, according to the actual flight situation of the UAV, determine whether it is "black flying", and implement countermeasures against the UAV to achieve the expected effect of defense. .

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The development of UAV jammer technology lays the groundwork for solving the situation of the undesired phenomenon of UAVs, pays close attention to the development and transformation of UAV technical characteristics, application concepts, methods, etc., continuously increases the scope of practical activities, and seeks practical solutions to better To deal with various UAV problems that will appear in the future, we will continue to update drone jammer measures.

Topsignaljammer Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the drone jammer industry for many years and has rich experience. The developed drone jammer equipment can effectively monitor and counteract "black flying" drones. The products are practical and easy to operate, and there is no after-sales service. Worry, is a relatively high cost-effective product.

Many tech companies have tools that allow the government to easily jam WiFi cell phone jammers. Special and powerful laptops on mobile phones and computers. These devices can intercept Internet communications that record all activity across the country. Beware of cyber criminals. These documents are about 200 documents from 36 different organizations that were obtained from the participants of last month's secret security meeting.

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Many of the technologies presented at the conference relate to the monitoring of large amounts of information. Businesses are dialing or capturing thousands of simultaneous calls from a large number of landline and mobile networks. Another feature is how it helps China's first mobile operator to monitor Chinese cell phone content and applications in real-time. The Wall Street Journal quoted conference organizer TeleStrategies as saying that the retail market for annual surveillance tools has barely grown from 2001 to over $5 billion this year. As a result, the jammer market continues to grow.

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