Where can drone jammer countermeasure systems be used?

Where can drone jammer countermeasure systems be used?

In recent years, with the innovation and continuous improvement of UAV technology, UAVs have played an excellent role in both military and civilian fields. Problems created by drones also follow. With the emergence of the uav jammer countermeasure system, the problems in some industries have also been improved to a certain extent. So what kind of places are drone jammer countermeasures used in?

For combating illegal activities of criminal gangs using drones as a tool, such as drug trafficking, smuggling, and loading dangerous goods; preventing on-site information leakage, such as serious crime scenes, prosecuting crime scenes, and important safety sites; at the same time, for the protection of some no-fly areas, For example: prisons, military management areas, air transportation areas, etc., all have the participation of this drone jammer countermeasure system.

Portable High Power Box-Type Drone Jammer Interception System

The UAV jammer countermeasure system is an important tool to combat UAVs. It is especially suitable for large area or open environment, which is conducive to the interference of UAV signals, such as: confidential units, prisons, schools, troops, large factories and mines, etc. Blocking the drone's signal forces it to land or return on its own, keeping the space safe. The UAV jammer countermeasure system also needs some adaptation in other fields. According to different situations, it will identify and locate UAVs illegally intruding into the airspace through radio detection. At the same time, lock the target and activate radio interference to prevent the UAV signal from transmitting information or images, etc., and use different extensions to effectively counteract the UAV.

8 Bands High Power Portable Cell Phone Signal Jammers Blocked WiFi GPS 2G 3G 4G

Ms. Li, director of the principal of Suzhou Middle School, replied that the school installed mobile beacons for classrooms on weekends, a maximum of three. “The drone jammer cell phone can only be activated during the test to prevent individual phenomena. Students unconsciously organize the test standards to ensure objectivity and fairness can not be in the classroom and used in the yard. Wu Tianyi, a lecturer at Soochow University's School of Education, said that education should promote the achievement of educational goals. "Playing cell phones and games in the classroom is serious. To disrupt educational goals, installing cell phone signal disruption in the classroom can stop this behavior and get education back on track. I strongly support this." As he believes, the students do not have enough civic skills. Now the school takes on the role of guardian, protecting students' fundamental interests, and can grant students the right to temporarily suspend school. "

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