Talk about UAV jammer countermeasure equipment

Talk about UAV jammer countermeasure equipment

With the advancement of science and technology, drones have gradually involved many fields. The popularity of drones has gradually affected people's daily life, but the malicious use of drones has also brought serious damage to many regions and manufacturing industries. Security risks. The subsequent UAV jammer countermeasure equipment has gradually become widely used. When the drone jammer countermeasure equipment is used to attack the UAV, it may affect the signal of the surrounding environment. Therefore, in the use of UAV jammer countermeasure equipment, we must pay attention to many factors, especially the places where UAVs appear and which frequency band signals UAVs use.

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In fact, there are many types of UAV jammer countermeasures to choose from. When purchasing UAV countermeasure equipment, it must be tested first, and then the actual environment should be surveyed to ensure the effect of UAV jammer countermeasure equipment, so when choosing UAV jammer countermeasure equipment Still have to buy according to actual needs.

Some drone users lack safety awareness, do not know how to plan flight routes in advance, do not fully understand the no-fly markings, and accidentally enter high-risk and sensitive areas without knowing the seriousness of the consequences. If drone countermeasures are used in the protected area It will effectively detect the "black flying" drones in the nearby airspace, give early warning to the management personnel in the protected area, and persuade drone users to leave.

The hand-held light portable signal UAV countermeasure instrument is carefully developed into a product specifically for domestic and foreign UAV control and control by combining advanced technologies at home and abroad. The product is a green and environmentally friendly countermeasure device; it is designed to counteract the remote control signal of the drone flying at low altitude on the spot, without any impact on the use of surrounding signals such as mobile phone communication, operator base stations, car remote control, and police radar. The countermeasure uses 3~4 signal outputs (remote control 2.4G/5.8G positioning GPS) to intercept the signal out of control state of the UAV; this product has passed multiple actual distance tests at a speed of 350-1200 meters per second for countermeasures; to achieve long-distance cutting off unmanned Communication and navigation between the drone and the remote pilot, effectively driving away or forcing the drone to land.

Product features of drone jamming countermeasure system:

1. The product uses imported chips to generate and apply ultra-high-speed frequency scanning technology to generate a variety of bandwidth signals

2. Ultra-wideband high-gain integrated antenna, built-in battery design, easy to carry and operate

3. Aluminum casing, intelligent temperature control and heat dissipation, and the surface adopts international technology secondary oxidation and wear resistance

4. The effective countermeasure distance is 500-1500 meters, depending on the distance between the remote control and the drone over 20 meters

5. The countermeasures include conventional signals, frequency modulation, spread spectrum control, etc. full-frequency coverage, extremely fast risk control in seconds

6. The visible part of the body has a power switch and a power indicator light, which can be directly controlled with one hand

7. The control switch is independently designed to control sight-seeing, driving away and forced landing for UAVs


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