What are the main components of the UAV defense system? What is the working process?

What are the main components of the UAV defense system? What is the working process?

The UAV defense system is mainly composed of four main functions: radar search, photoelectric tracking, radio frequency signal interference and display and control unit. Among them, the use of radar to complete the search and position indication functions for low-altitude targets in the protected area can realize the focus on the alert of the protected area and continuously provide target information; the photoelectric tracking can automatically identify suspicious targets based on the searched target information, and change It is the prevention and control mode; the UAV and the remote control are connected through data transmission signals and remote control signals, and the function of the radio frequency jammer is mainly to cut off the connection between them, and when the "black flying" target is identified At this time, the UAV defense system can interfere with the radio frequency signal of the GPS signal and wireless remote control circuit of the target UAV, making the UAV out of control and unable to continue flying.

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The drone defense system uses precise search and control technology to control the "black flying" drone. The UAV defense system uses a series of functions such as searching, tracking, and jamming the "black flying" UAV, and finally paralyzes the satellite navigation, wireless remote control and data transmission signals of the UAV, and the UAV cannot search for the designated location. Signal, unable to fly according to the scheduled route, can only be forced to land or automatically return to the meeting.

The use of the drone defense system also reduces the occurrence of accidental drones and "black flights". The reasonable use of the drone defense system also promotes the healthy development of the drone industry.


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