How to choose a suitable full-band jammer?

How to choose a suitable full-band jammer?

First, you need to explain to the full-band jammer manufacturer where you need to use the full-band GPS Jammer and the size of the range. Another important point is whether there are mobile phone signal towers built by operators within three or four hundred meters around. These will affect The shielding range of the full-band jammer and how to choose the full-band jammer with the transmission power. Find a few more, compare prices and qualifications, and choose the best.

Block frequency band: Before buying, you need to know the signal you want to block. The general mobile phone signal (2345G) can be blocked. If you want to block GPS, WiFi, walkie-talkie, etc., this can be added and adjusted before leaving the factory. The full-band jammer adopts full-band shielding, and the user can shield the signal as long as the corresponding antenna is installed on the machine.

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Applicable places: Regarding the place where shielding is used, if it is indoors, it is generally suitable for examination rooms, conference rooms, offices and other places. It is a low-power full-band shielding device. Gas stations need to use explosion-proof and high-temperature resistant; if it is in an outdoor space , you need to use a high-power full-band jammer to achieve an appropriate distance.

Power size: Full-band jammers can generally be divided into low-power, medium-power, high-power, and 3W-100W power jammers. When it is recommended that users choose a full-band jammer, it will be determined according to the required shielding range.

Power supply: hand-held built-in lithium battery or trailer-type built-in battery, which will be charged by the charger after use; generally, full-band jammers with built-in batteries will not be used for too long. If you need to use it for a long time, you can configure an external battery box for use. Guaranteed to shield for a long time. Indoors are generally powered by 220V mains, and vehicles are generally powered by 12-36V.


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If the mobile phone in the desired area cannot communicate, there are currently only three methods:

1. Turn off all the base stations near the mobile phone, but this will greatly affect the use of other devices and cannot transmit data and signals.

Using this method is equivalent to arranging several cars to block the road and prevent other vehicles from driving normally. If you can't close it, it will block you.

2. Launch a strong magnetic field jamming bomb to destroy base stations in a specific area, but this will cause public panic and regional conflicts, and it is almost impossible to implement.

The second method will only appear in movies and war zones. Once such problems occur, there will be big problems in the lives of the people, and it is not easy to use them in our daily lives.

3. Install a mobile phone signal shielding device: In this way, the problem of shielding the mobile phone signal can be solved without turning off the base station and destroying the base station. When using the signal shielding device, the device will transmit garbled signals with higher intensity in the radio frequency band, so that the mobile phone The signal was blocked by half-way interference, and the base station could not receive the signal, thus successfully interfering with the mobile phone signal.

The third way: using mobile phone signal shielding equipment is a reliable method, whether it is a bustling city or other areas such as: prisons, schools, examination rooms, army, offices, meeting rooms, factories, etc. can be used normally, and the effect Also very good. Therefore, usually everyone will use the third method, install a signal jammer to control its working power within an appropriate range, and only shield the mobile phone signal in the examination room area.

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