How does the test room signal jammer position the price?

How does the test room signal jammer position the price?

Generally, the price of a signal jammer in an examination room is usually determined by power, frequency range, material, accessories and appearance. The price of the test room wifi jammer with different functions is definitely different. For example: Our company's 818B test room signal jammer is divided into a stand-alone version and a network version. The network version can switch and adjust the power of the test room signal jammer through the control of computer software, while the stand-alone version can't, so the price must be there. different. Of course, you can also look at the number of modules used in the test room jammer. According to different needs, the shielded signal will be different. The modules used are naturally different, and the price will also be different. From a power point of view, the high-power test room signal jammer is relatively more expensive because the shielding range is farther than usual and the effect is better. When comparing the casing and related accessories of the signal jammer in the test room, it is like a plug-in adapter. There is still a big price difference between good quality and poor quality.

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In short, when purchasing a signal jammer for an examination room, you still need to know more about it. As for whether the price is reasonable, you can't easily draw conclusions just by looking at the appearance. You can compare different manufacturers and put forward your needs, and the manufacturer will find out the products that suit you more accurately, and compare them with each other, so as to choose the products that suit you.

Under normal circumstances, when a mobile phone enters a cell for the first time, the local cell base station will update and manage the location of the mobile phone, and at the same time allocate temporary user information such as a new temporary mobile user identifier to it. So as to determine the location of the community where you are. When the mobile phone jammer is working, it sends out an interference signal, which interferes with the effective signal on the broadcast channel frequency band of the base station. The interference signal increases the bit error rate of the mobile communication channel and reduces the signal-to-noise ratio of the channel, thereby affecting the mobile phone Effective reception of base station broadcast information, when the signal-to-noise ratio is reduced to a certain extent. The mobile phone cannot normally decode the broadcast information of the base station, thus losing contact with the base station. The mobile phone cannot determine the service area where it is located many times, so the mobile phone in the interference area shows no signal and is not in the service area.


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