Expert advice: Don't use your phone for a long time when the signal is bad

Expert advice: Don't use your phone for a long time when the signal is bad

The more mobile communication base stations, the stronger the electromagnetic radiation?

Do microwave foods carry electromagnetic radiation?

Is it bad for your health to have a cell phone by your bedside?

Do WiFi Routers and Bluetooth Headphones Have Serious Electromagnetic Radiation?

Can mobile phone radiation protection stickers effectively resist radiation?

These are common misunderstandings that citizens tend to fall into. In fact, their answer is no. On the occasion of the "65th World Environment Day", the Radiation Environment Monitoring Station of the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau and the Xuhui District Environmental Protection Bureau jointly organized the public mobilization of mobile communication base stations and the on-site supervision and publicity of citizen observation activities. small.

According to reports, by the end of 2019, Shanghai had more than 90 million mobile phone users and nearly 35,000 communication base stations. There is no mobile communication without base stations, and no mobile communication without electromagnetic radiation. While mobile communication brings convenience to our daily life, it also brings electromagnetic radiation. The environmental protection department has standard requirements for base station monitoring points. The monitoring personnel should choose the horizontal distance within 50 meters from the transmitting antenna according to the orientation and height of the base station antenna and the surrounding geographical environment. Windows, balconies, corridors and platforms at the site are all lookout points. For housing-sensitive places such as residential buildings,

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Monitoring data is far less than standard

At the demonstration site, "invisible and intangible electromagnetic radiation" was really reflected in front of everyone. I've seen staff holding a yellow eye-catching thing that has a microphone-like head attached to a meter that goes beyond and a large tripod. This machine is the housekeeper's "magic weapon"; radiation monitoring for electromagnetic radiation monitors.

Based on monitoring of electromagnetic radiation at 5 and 25 meters within 2 meters of the base station, the numbers are constantly changing: 9.35 V/meter, 7.55 V/meter, 9.32 V/meter. The electric field strength in this frequency band is lower than the public discharge limit of 12 volts/meter specified in the national standard "Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Regulations". (GB 870288), the intensity of electromagnetic radiation decreases rapidly with increasing distance.

The more base stations, the lower the radiation

The more base stations around the cell, the greater the radiation? According to experts, the more base stations, the higher the density, and the smaller the service radius of base stations. The smaller the working radius of the base station, the smaller the transmit power of each base station, and the lower the electromagnetic radiation generated by the base station. less influence. At the same time, the quality of indoor and partial signal coverage can be improved.

What is the safe distance to the base station? "A citizen asked, and the staff introduced that neither the state nor Shanghai has stipulated the safe distance for electromagnetic radiation protection of base stations, and there are no base stations and environmentally sensitive targets (residential, housing, medical and health, cultural education, scientific research, administrative offices, etc.) (main functions, etc.) safety distance requirements Although the electromagnetic radiation protection of base stations lacks safety distances, no matter what form the base station takes, the impact of electromagnetic radiation at sensitive points in the area where the base station is located should be controlled within the relevant range.

Radiation station technicians advise citizens who use mobile phones not to rush to put the phone to their ear. It's best to talk after the screen shows that they are connected. Because the mobile phone transmits more power when the voice is turned on. The same is true for the hair dryer. When it is turned on, the current is very large, and it is necessary to wait for the wind to open before approaching it.

Also, prolonged use of the phone with poor signal should be avoided. The worse the signal quality, the greater the transmit power and the greater the radiation.

Using a signal jammer can block mobile phone signals, but mobile phones cannot generate electromagnetic radiation.

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