Mobile phone signal jammer technical indicators

Mobile phone signal jammer technical indicators

Cell phone jammer Nominal output power (maximum power), nominal gain (maximum) (and gain adjustment range, automatic gain control range) and input level.

This is a set of interrelated indicators that should be fully considered.

In general, the maximum output power should be divided into several levels for users to choose from, when the maximum output power does not exceed the maximum limit specified by the Radio Administration Office of the Ministry of Information Industry.

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Therefore, the downlink is generally larger than the uplink.

Amplification consists of amplifying the received signal to the rated output power. Considering the difference in signal strength where the repeater is installed, the gain should be adjustable. The maximum gain can be calculated by increasing the signal level received from the repeater to the maximum output power.

To ensure stable output power and avoid output non-linearity, an automatic gain control (AGC) of ~20dB seems to be necessary.

In terms of tolerance, output power rating and gain rating, only one is required. It is generally appropriate to specify the gain tolerance. Since the test consists of setting the gain to the maximum, change the input level so that the output approaches the nominal value. In this case, of course, no tolerance needs to be given for the rated power, and at this time the input level also differs depending on the gain.

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