4G Beidou accelerates Nanjing Youth Olympics navigation

4G Beidou accelerates Nanjing Youth Olympics navigation

Big data and police cloud computing engineering technology is used for the first time in domestic large-scale event security, the first time for domestic large-scale event security to use China's autonomous positioning system, and the first time for domestic large-scale event security to use the most advanced 4G broadband transmission technology... A large number of new technologies and new technologies have been deployed. equipment. With the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, technology informatization has become a comprehensive practical test to ensure the safety and smooth progress of modern large-scale sports events.

Ultra HD Surveillance:

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GG Nanjing Youth Olympic Games has created a number of national firsts in the application of new security technologies. "Shen Zhiyong, deputy director of the Science and Technology Information Department of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau, told reporters, taking the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games as an example. The major events and games of the national public security organs are safe. It is the first in China to adopt the most advanced 4G broadband transmission technology. Mobile police use the city's 4G. 4G high-speed channels such as public cellular networks and the city's private cellular networks transmit real-time high-definition video and images, and transmit real-time images of various scenes to the security center clearly.

The ultra-high-definition 16-megapixel video surveillance system is also the first large-scale deployment of security for major national events. Shi Mingwen, director of the emergency communication department of the Science and Technology Information Department of the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau, introduced that the Olympic Sports Center uses a series of high-definition video surveillance systems to open and close the curtains. The system consists of 13 Ultra HD 16-megapixel surveillance cameras. Realized full coverage of the opening and closing ceremonies on-site curtain booth area.

Compared with ordinary high-definition monitoring, the system has two major advantages: First, when the content of the existing monitoring screen remains unchanged, it can zoom in and out of more than 5 details of the monitoring screen at the same time to ensure the overall and simultaneous display of the detailed screen; Second, the monitoring screen has a high day and night resolution, which can clearly adjust the facial appearance and clothing behavior characteristics of the viewers in each viewing area. In case a spectator puts a lighter in and removes it from the stands, this is apparently a "captured GG"; first pass high resolution probe,

The Beidou positioning system is also the first to locate vehicles and people at major events. Nanjing police installed Beidou satellite navigation and positioning terminals on 50 police cars, equipped with 100 personal positioning devices, to achieve precise positioning and navigation of vehicles and personnel.

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gg "point-to-point gg"; command:

Commander's fingertips front-line police remote control

At the opening and closing ceremonies of the Security Headquarters of the Olympic Sports Center, Wu Wei, Director of the Software R&D Department of the Science and Technology Information Department, opened the Youth Olympic Security Intelligent Command and Dispatch Platform for reporters. When the computer screen shows the stands of the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, click a seat with the mouse, and the name on the seat at the opening ceremony pops up immediately. "The system is linked to the ticketing system and the system for verifying real-time dynamic updates to obtain real-name information for the opening ceremony in real time and accurately locate seats." Wu Wei said.

Meanwhile, high-resolution images of the Olympic sports center area have previously been captured with drones. The police also collected high-resolution 360-degree 3D scenes of the Olympic Sports Center, Youth Olympic Village, nearby subway stations, command heights and other areas, and based on this, they intuitively formulated a visual plan for police operations.

On this basis, the dispatching platform realizes the individual positioning of the police forces deployed at various points in the main town. Wu Wei clicked on the police map of a specific location, and the location information, personal name, and mobile phone number were immediately displayed on the screen. In fact, the commander doesn't have to call his phone. Just click the mouse to connect his phone and talk to him directly on the computer.

GG This has been activated; point-to-point GG#39; flat, intelligent, visual, and efficient management and scheduling. Wu Wei further explained that in the past, in order to deal with the police situation in the stands, the city bureau first had to call the regional security chief who was present. The security chief then contacted the chief policeman through the commander, and the chief policeman then notified the policeman in charge of the stands. ." There will always be four or five stages of propagation. Now, for the first time, the commander-in-chief can have a point-to-point call with supervisors and issue orders directly, which greatly saves processing time. "

High precision positioning:

Make sure passing vehicles have priority

At the explosion-proof security inspection office of the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, the reporter saw the explosion-proof personnel on standby wearing new explosion-proof clothing. "This EOD-9 explosion-proof suit adopts the principle of bionics, balances protection, protects the human brain, eyes, ears, and thoroughly protects the spine and limbs." The special police department of Nanjing Public Security Bureau introduced.

In addition, portable mobile lighting systems, radiation inspection instruments, nonlinear node detectors, portable X-ray inspection systems and other equipment play an important role in on-site security inspections. Advanced equipment such as fourth-generation digital night vision goggles, military handheld satellite positioning systems (Beidou), vehicle relay stations, motion detection robots, steering guns, and signal blocker are widely used in Olympic youth protection and security.

In order to ensure smooth roads during the Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing has established a priority system for Nanjing signal lines and ground bus signals. A total of 725 vehicle-mounted high-precision Beidou positioning terminals were installed on buses, the Youth Olympic Green Line, and guard cars. Fully realize the priority control of ground bus and tram signals to ensure the priority of traffic for the Youth Olympic Games.

After the system is put into operation, the average parking time at bus crossings in the district is reduced by 15%, and the bus stops are reduced by more than 30%.

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