Credit mortgage company unauthorized use of signal jamming car

Credit mortgage company unauthorized use of signal jamming car

A credit mortgage company in Jingmen, Hubei, in order to prevent the mortgaged vehicle from being found by the car owner through the vehicle GPS positioning, unexpectedly thought of a method of using a signal jamming vehicle to interfere with the positioning signal. There is no mobile phone signal, and the whole village is on strike.

The strange phenomenon that the entire village could not access the Internet due to mobile phone strikes caused the villagers to mistakenly think that there was a problem with the operator's signal. The mobile company that learned about the situation filed a complaint with the Jingmen Radio Management Office. Afterwards, through the monitoring and positioning of the equipment, it was found that there was a strong interference signal in a farmer's compound in the village. The iron gate of the farmer's compound was locked tightly, there were many cars parked in the courtyard, and there were cameras on the courtyard wall. Since he could not enter the hospital to understand the situation, he contacted the local police station. Later, with the assistance of the police, the head of the household was found, his identity was revealed, and six signal jamming vehicles were found in the courtyard.

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It was later learned that the six signal jamming vehicles were used privately by a local credit mortgage company in order to interfere with the vehicle's GPS positioning, and also hired multiple people to guard them. It is illegal to use a signal jamming vehicle to interfere with communication without permission. The Jingmen No Management Office explained the situation to the enterprise party, and after the party realized the illegal behavior, he cooperated with removing the signal jamming vehicle to eliminate signal interference.

It is illegal to use signals to interfere with cars and interfere with other people's normal communication without permission. From an industry point of view, the six signal jamming vehicles used by the credit mortgage company can interfere with the mobile phone signals of the entire village. The damage is very large. Moreover, the jammer has no TD synchronization function, which affects the operator's base station. It can be seen that the jammer is an inferior high-power jammer.

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