Disadvantages of simply installing a full-band signal jammer

Disadvantages of simply installing a full-band signal jammer

It is inconvenient to turn on and off the full-band signal jammer of the stand-alone version:

When there are too many full-band signal blocker, especially after multiple buildings in the surveillance area are shielded, it is difficult to turn them on and off in a centralized manner; even if the power lines are arranged uniformly, special personnel are required to be responsible for turning them on and off on time;

It is impossible to know the working status and failure of the full-band signal jammer:

After all the signal jammers are opened, the management personnel cannot immediately know whether the jammers at which points are working normally;

Not energy-saving and environmentally friendly, not conducive to equipment maintenance:

Generally speaking, all the full-band signal jammers are in the open state for many years, which is not conducive to energy saving, environmental protection, equipment maintenance, and shortens the service life of equipment (such as factory areas, canteens, warehouses, etc. are unmanned at night, no need The full-band signal jammers in these positions are continuously powered on 24 hours a day);

Inconvenient group control or point-to-point control:

Unable to accurately group or point-to-point timing switch control;

Phenomena that cannot prevent intentional damage to full-band signal jammers:

For the deliberate damage of prisoners or prison guards, cutting off the power supply, etc., which affect the normal operation of the signal jammer, the management personnel cannot immediately determine and know;

The process of artificially closing the full-band signal jammer cannot be tracked and checked:

It is impossible to track and investigate the more sophisticated sabotage behaviors of prisoners or prison guards (for example: some prison guards cut off the power supply of the signal jammer at night without supervision, and restore the normal power supply of the jammer the next morning).

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How to extend the service life of the full-band signal jammer

The full-band signal jammer is produced by reasonably shielding mobile phone-related signals, such as 2G/3G/4G/5GWiFi, in a specific place. It is mainly used in school examination rooms, prisons, detention centers, etc., in order to ensure the fairness and justice of the examination, the high school entrance examination, the college entrance examination, or the usual mock examination. Everything has its service life, and the mobile phone full-band signal jammer is no exception, so how to extend the service life of the full-band mobile phone signal jammer?

How to extend the service life of mobile phone signal jammers

1. For the full-band signal jammer with external antennas, the antennas must be installed one by one, and then the power supply must be connected. [Topsignaljammer] brand full-band signal jammer is fully enclosed, and the antenna has been fixed before leaving the factory, so no other operations are required.

2. The full-band signal jammer should be placed in a well-ventilated place, try to avoid large objects, avoid strong heat sources and strong electromagnetic sources, so as to maintain the effect of the signal jammer and work for a long time.

3. If the power supply of the full-band signal jammer is not industrial-grade, remember not to turn off the machine for 24 hours, so that the life of the power supply and the machine will be shortened. The wifi jammer produced by Nanjing Bokang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. all use industrial-grade switching power supplies, which can be turned on for 24 hours and have a long service life.

4. If you use it for a long time, the surface will be dirty. When you only need to wipe the surface, do not use chemical solvents and avoid water entering the machine.

5. When the signal jammer is not in use, it should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to avoid prolonged contact with salt spray and harmful gases.

6. When the full-band signal jammer is working, do not put other items on it or remove the antenna, so as not to affect the effect of the jammer and damage the host.

7. The installation position of the full-band signal jammer should be far away from high temperature and humid places, and waterproof should be paid attention to when using the jammer outdoors.

8. Do not cover the full-band signal jammer with a completely sealed box for hiding, as this will affect heat dissipation and cause damage to the machine. The plastic shell is used to seal the shielding equipment and components, and the built-in circulation heat dissipation system. This method will not cause the heat accumulation of the full-band signal jammer to cause damage to the jammer.

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