Is it necessary to use a full-band jammer at home

Is it necessary to use a full-band jammer at home

Before they reach adulthood, children tend to have poor self-control and are fascinated by mobile games. They spend too much time in the virtual world of the mobile network, thus neglecting their studies and gradually deteriorating family relationships. The parents of the children are also racking their brains and trying various ways to organize and prevent such things from happening, so many parents want to buy and use a full-band jammer to interfere with the mobile phone signal at home, so that the mobile phone cannot be connected to the Internet. In this way, the time for children to play games on the Internet through mobile phones can be controlled. I solemnly warn all parents that such an approach is not advisable.

1. In today's society, there are many channels for buying full-band jammers. It is easy to buy various types of full-band jammers on the market. However, these irresponsible merchants fundamentally show that these merchants It is not trustworthy, even if it can be purchased, the after-sales service in the later period is not much better.

2. It is suitable for parents to use the full-band jammer at home, because the equipment and some professional knowledge about the full-band jammer are lacking, and improper use will lead to not only no signal at home, but also mobile phone signals in neighbors. Different degrees of interference cause the mobile phone to be unable to make calls or surf the Internet. In case of an emergency or fire at home, the mobile phone cannot make calls, which leads to the expansion of the incident. Or the neighbor complained to the radio management department, and it was found that a neighbor was using a full-band jammer in violation of regulations. According to relevant national laws, this situation is suspected of breaking the law and needs to be held legally responsible.

Therefore, the use of full-band jammers in the family is all for children. This kind of psychology is understandable, but this approach is not advisable.

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How long is the service life of the full-band signal jammer?

At present, many schools have installed full-band signal jammers. However, after installing the signal jammers, their biggest concern is whether the full-band signal jammers will be used for too short a time.

The full-band signal jammer will generate heat when used, which is a normal situation. Electronic products need to have a certain degree of stability in heat dissipation during use, just like mobile phones will also heat up during use. But some signal jammers with poor quality are likely to be broken directly. Therefore, many people think that this full-band signal jammer is a gimmick, but it has not been used for a long time. But the actual situation is not like this, and the quality of different manufacturers of full-band signal jammers is also different.

Fever is actually a very normal phenomenon of full-band signal jammer, but this phenomenon is a fatal injury to some full-band signal jammers with poor quality. If it is a good-quality full-band signal jammer, there is no problem in using it for more than three to five years, and a good manufacturer will provide high-quality after-sales service. In addition, signal jammers with poor quality often need to be repaired, which requires a lot of money. The quality of the manufacturer is relatively good, and the quality of the signal jammer is good. Naturally, a lot of money can be saved in maintenance, and there is no need to repair it many times because of poor quality.

There are not many professional manufacturers like this, here we recommend Topsignaljammer Technology Co., Ltd. Brand operation, as a professional manufacturer of signal jammers, they not only strictly control the quality of signal jammers, but also provide excellent follow-up services. Guaranteed to extend the life of the full-band signal jammer to the longest. After excellent service and strict testing and aging experiments, the quality can be guaranteed, and more than three years is the most basic guarantee. In addition, the quality of the signal jammer is also very reliable. It is easy to install, use and manage, eliminating the trouble of customers in their own maintenance and management. When choosing a reliable signal jammer, choose a reliable manufacturer Topsignaljammer Technology Co., Ltd.

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