Will using a cell phone signal jammer affect WIFI?

Will using a cell phone signal jammer affect WIFI?

In our lives, we often use cell phone signal jammers. When we use mobile phone signal jammers, we inevitably have this question: Will using a mobile phone signal jammer block WiFi?

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The shielding frequency bands of mobile phone signal jammers are generally:

CDMA band transmission frequency 869-894MHz

GSM band transmitting frequency 925-960MHz

DCS band transmission frequency 1805-1880MHz

PHS band transmitting frequency 1900-1990MHz

WIFI transmission frequency 2400-2485MHZ

4G transmission frequency 2300-2390MHZ

4G transmission frequency 2555-2565MHZ

If the signal blocker includes 2400-2485MHZ, it will block the 2.4G wifi. If the jammer includes the 5.8G shielding band, it will block the 5.8G wifi band. Under normal circumstances, the jammer does not include 5.8G. wifi band. The 5.8G WiFi band cannot be blocked.

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