Will the installation of signal jammers infringe the right to freedom of communication?

Will the installation of signal jammers infringe the right to freedom of communication?

Qu Xinjiu, a professor at the China University of Political Science and Law, believes that from the standpoint of students who use mobile phones, the installation of mobile phone signal blocker in schools to block mobile phone signals is indeed a violation of the freedom of communication of mobile phone users. But looking at it from another perspective, if blocking cell phone signals violates the communication rights of cell phone users, then using cell phones in classrooms or self-study is also infringing on other students’ right to receive education and the teacher’s right to teach.

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"Rights and freedoms are relative, not absolute. Any right or freedom is based on respecting the rights of others. The law is also a rule formulated based on the interests of the majority. This rule protects It is the rights and interests of the majority of people. If you really want to talk about infringement, it is that a small number of students who use mobile phones regardless of occasions violate the educational rights of the vast majority of students." Professor Qu carefully analyzed several situations to the reporter: " In a specific environment, the right to enjoy is different. For example, during class time, the main body of this time period is to attend class, not to use mobile phones. Therefore, the right of students to listen to lectures and the right of teachers to lecture during this time period is The main thing. The use of mobile phones is secondary. The rights of the vast majority of people should be given priority, and individual users of mobile phones should also be given priority to the rights of the vast majority.”

Zhou Xiaozheng, a professor of Sociology at Renmin University of China, said: Improving the quality of students, advocating not to use mobile phones during class time, and making every student self-conscious and self-disciplined may not happen overnight. It is understood that many teachers will remind students to turn off their mobile phones before teaching. Facts have proved that these reminders do not put an end to the continuous ringing of phone calls or text messages in the classroom.

Therefore, the installation of mobile phone signal jammers in school classrooms can enable the shielding of mobile phone signals during class, and the mobile phone signal jammers can be turned off during breaks to restore mobile phone signals and realize humanized management.

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